Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I have a thing for tomatoes.
Here is an ode.
Here is a set on flickr.

This spring we decided to have a small vegetable patch in our backyard.
Garlic Chives.
2 varieties. 4 plants.
A bounty of bi-weekly tomatoes.
You get the picture?

Enjoy this song;-)
John Denver singing Home Grown Tomatoes!

(Images by Arch)

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Up North...

Minnesota: The land of 10,000 lakes offers some stunning visuals.
Think cerulean blue skies, fluffy white clouds, sail boats gliding gently on shimmering waters.

One of the popular summer activities here in Minnesota is to drive to the North Shore along Lake Superior, stay at the cabins facing the beautiful lake and indulge in activities like biking, walking, hiking & water sports like canoeing and boating.

We decided to do this very quintessential Minnesotan activity:-)

Our plan was to drive along the shore via Duluth to Lutsen, a quaint little town where we had decided to drop our anchor for the night;-)
Here is a visual route of our drive…
 On the road…

via Duluth

 First glimpses of the Lake Superior near Duluth…

 On the way we stopped at the Split Rock Lighthouse.

 Stunning view from the lighthouse…

 Aquamarine water…


 The rocky cliffs challenge many adventure seeking rock climbers…

 View from inside the lighthouse…

 Bike shadow play;-)

We reached our destination at Lutsen, we had rented a VRBO  (Vacation Rental by Owner).
A very neat concept where all the comfort and luxuries of your home are available at your destination.

With a place fully equipped with all amenities, we made our evening chai and enjoyed the stunning surroundings of our VRBO townhouse which was decorated in typical
cabin style.

Everyone settled down with whatever activity they enjoyed;-)
For the bikers there is the fantastic Gitchi Gami State Trail that passes via Lutsen.

Hearts in nature…

 Cabin RULES;-!

 The lake at different time of the day…

The moonlight reflecting the surface of the water was divine…

So true.

The next day was rainy and damp but we did some activities around Lutsen which included a ride on the cable car.

Some eating at delightful restaurants offering local fare...

….and then driving up to Grand Marais which is situated at the head of a bay and harbour.

Eating World's Best Donuts at Grand Marais...

Enjoying the beauty…

Very grainy but loved the frame…almost like a painting!
So that was our road trip Up North!

( Images by Arch shot with iPhone)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Living in the dream...

The delightful season of spring is so short in Minnesota that it seems like a dream. 
A beautiful dream.
So I decide to enjoy every minute while I was in this dream and capture few frame to remember later:-)
My walking path on a magical spring day.

Crabapple Blossoms.

 A branch brings beauty inside.

A peek at the season.

She danced with wild flowers in her hair.

 Fruits bursting with flavour.

A floral path.

 Pink Honeysuckle.

 Pink Lemonade.

 Lake Harriet water reflecting the fluffy clouds and blue blue sky.

 Cherry Blossoms.

 Lily of the valley.




(Images by Arch)